Find out Your Diamonds Fake OR Real? Guide to Test a Diamonds.

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Published: 03rd March 2011
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Licensed gemologists specialise themselves in Diamond jewellery so they can easily validate a actual diamond. But you will witness numerous false jewelry makers who strive to sell off plain glass gems and CZ as the true Diamonds. It is impossible for 1st time purchasers to separate whether the diamonds s/he bought are genuine or fake without judging it properly. Only understanding the 4C's of diamonds namely the cut, color, carat, and clarity isn't enough, as today synthetic diamonds and fake gemstones have replaced the tone of genuine diamonds regarding their quality and size.

Purchase diamond from well known Jeweller as they would not probably want to involve themselves with artificial diamonds trades. Even though respectable dealers are sometimes played tricks with the fact. As diamonds are regarded as the touchiest stone a man can buy. Hence one should undergo a good enquiry before purchasing Diamonds jewelry.

You can easily measure whether the stone you desire to buy is a cz or glass or quartz by undergoing few easy tests based on the way a real diamond responds to light, heating,UV, etc.

Transparency Test for Identifying Proper or Man-made Diamond

Transparency test is an excellent way to know whether your diamond is a real one. Just flip the gem top side down over a paper and try to read through the diamond, if you can then it's a fake one. But remember there are some diamonds which have shallow cut and can read through it with upside down.

Gems like cz and other fake gems are usually bigger than a true diamond in terms of their size, weight and shape which determines your stone is a artificial one.

Fog Examination for Artificial Diamond Recognition

You can further judge the genuineness of diamond by fog testing. Diamonds is poised of compact carbon particles making it one of the strongest stone of world and are highly prone to fogging. The expensive gem is also great conductor of heat and do allow condensation to dissipates. But glass and man-made diamonds gets moist and foggy when you breathe out through the diamond. But remember moissanite is a type of false diamond that easily passes this examination. It is highly urged to have thermal conductivity evaluation which is performed by reputed jewelry makers.

Color Reflection Examination for Identifying Real or Fake Diamond

If a man-made diamond is cautiously looked, what type of coloring the diamond reflecting then one might able to observe true diamonds reflect several shades of gray while man-made diamonds reflect colors of a rainbow.

True diamond Under UV light, reflects blue color. Although all diamonds do not show this feature.

Light Reflection Examination for Identifying Actual or Man-made Diamond

Another easy style to point out a real diamond by the reflectivity of the stone from asides, if reflects then it's a true one whereas synthetic diamonds only spark at the crown. You can easily spot bluntness from the sides of a artificial stone.

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